How to Download Dsi Apps Free – Where to Find Free Dsi Apps?

Well, I always thought DSi Shop is the only option when it comes to downloading dsi apps and games. I was completely wrong.

It’s a pain to accumulate points to download a dsi app or game you love, or you should buy dsi points using your credit card and if you don’t like the game or app after downloading it, you cannot return for a refund.

So what else is the option to download dsi games and apps to sd card? Are there any sites that give you dsi games for free? I recently subscribed for lifetime unlimited download rights with dsi download center and instantly had access to all my favorite dsi games and apps and best of all they have ultra fast download speed.

I downloaded Brain Age 2, AQUIA Dr. Mario Express , Master of Illusion Express: Funny Face, Nintendo DSi Clock, Sudoku 150, Solitaire DSi, PICOPICT, HACOLIFE, Nintendo DSi Calculator, Real Football 2009, UNO, Kirby and Pokeman.

All the dsi games and dsi apps are unlimited and you can download as much as you want. They have currently more than 200k dsi downloads including tv shows and movies if you want.

Though the lifetime membership is $39 (discounted price), you can get instant access to all the games. The Dsi center is constantly updated as the new games and apps are released and they have 24/7 tech support also backed up by refund policy.

So you can try this dsi center, and see if this is the dsi site that all you need to download your favorite dsi apps and games